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New album out now!

Listen to When The Sun Comes Down on Bandcamp

Now out on Spotify and other major online music services!

Love the variety in vocal and instrumental tone. Creative experimental sound that makes [Boreal Kinship] unique.
  -YEG Music

The Sewing Machine Factory - 9562 82 Ave NW ALLEY ENTRY, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0Z8

Doors @ 8 PM, Bands @ 9 PM

$10 cover, 18+

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EGBG (promo video)

Filmed & edited by Navs Photography

For YEG Music's October 2017

Band Of The Month

Come Down

Filmed live at Have Mercy

June 18, 2017


Boreal Kinship is a 5 piece experimental rock band hailing from the northern city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


This Quintet excels at incorporating multiple instruments into their songs as well as using multiple vocal styles and tonalities in order to fuel a dynamic and fluid soundscape.

Mould this with story and concept-based songwriting, an exciting stage-presence and you are sure to have an extraordinarily unique experience while with Boreal Kinship.

Forming from unexpected chaos with a previous band in 2016, Kyle(Drums/Synth), Carl(Guitar/Multi-instrumentalist), and Garnet(Vocals) continued on by forming Boreal Kinship. They further anchored their foundation by adding the talented guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Alex to their group, later followed by bassist/multi-instrumentalist Adam.

Pressing on into 2018 and beyond they continue their journey, crossing over the borders of many genres in order to give the listener a truly awesome experience.

Band Photos Courtesy of Josh Sahunta Photography

The Boreal Kinship EP is here! Showcasing various tracks from our "first era", this EP is a small representation of the original material Boreal Kinship has developed to date; it is intended to display the many sounds and instrumental combinations of the band.

April 20th, 2019 - We are proud to announce the release of our debut full-length album, When The Sun Goes Down. Many thanks to all of our friends and fans and family who continually support us in this creative endeavour. 

Garnet Court - Lead Vocals
Carl Ruediger - Guitar, Keys, Clarinet
Alex McPhail - Guitar, Flute, Sax, Keys
Kyle Kovatch - Drums, Soundscapes
Adam Boucher - Bass, Sax, Keys, Percussion

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